Setting up the Samba File Server on Ubuntu/Linux

  1. Open the terminal
  2. Install samba with the following command:   sudo apt-get install samba
  3. Configure samba typing: sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf
  4. Set your workgroup (if necesary). Go down in the file, until you see :
    # Change this to the workgroup/NT-domain name your Samba server will part of
       workgroup = WORKGROUP
  5. Set your share folders. Do something like this (change your path and comments)
    # Adrian's share
      comment = YOUR COMMENTS
      path = /your-share-folder
      read only = no
      guest ok = yes
  6. Restart samba. type: /etc/init.d/smbd restart
  7. Create the share folder: sudo mkdir /your-share-folder
  8. Set the permissions: sudo chmod 0777 /your-share-folder
  9. you are all set in ubuntu

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