Open the .bashrc file:

nano ~/.bashrc

Add the below lines to the opened .bashrc file and then save it.

imgur() {
    for i in "$@"; do
        curl -# -F "image"=@"$i" -F "key"="4907fcd89e761c6b07eeb8292d5a9b2a"|\
        grep -Eo '<[a-z_]+>http[^<]+'|sed 's/^<.\|_./\U&/g;s/_/ /;s/<\(.*\)>/\x1B[0;34m\1:\x1B[0m /'

Source the .bashrc file,so that the changes can take effect,

source ~/.bashrc

The above script requires curl package to work.So install it by running

sudo apt-get install curl

Then run the below command to upload the image stored in the ~/Pictures folder to,

imgur ~/Pictures/filename.png

Get the link of uploaded image