One of my “Dream Projects” is to create an update for Need for Speed Underground 2.

NFSU2 was the unique car game that I finished, and the one that I really liked to play until the end, and more. Free roaming on the city streets was very exciting. I played hours just running without objective, drifting on the corners, crashing around.

Then, one day I hope to build a game like that. Here I will tell what I think that makes the game so good to me.

The physics

To me, the physics from NFSU2 is the ideal, not real, an ARCADE physics. The cars dont get destroyed, this is good to keep you on the racing. And, sometimes when drifting goes wrong, you would get totally destroyed with that crashes.

Then, I could say that I would mantain the same physics. The way the car slides on curves was to beautyfull that I dont mind changing that.

The controls

The controls are very good too. I like the way the handling works and wouldnt mess with this.

The Nitro bonus

The way you get Nitro back, from stunts and powersliding is perfect. It inst real, but it’s an arcade game, then you need gameplay helpers. Adding boost when you drift is very clever to the gameplay, the “avoided accident” bonus too. I would increase the ways you can earn more Nitro, but now I cant figure how.

The customizing

This is absolutelly the best part of the game, customizing your car, changing colors, adding bumpers, vinyls. This is what makes NFSU2 too popular, besiding with free roam, this is the key for the success of the game.
The customizing controls are perfect too, you can use your keyboard, gamepad or mouse and get a very good usability. I just would add some thumbnails to the items.