Installing Ruby on Rails development environment on Windows

This is the way that I use always to develop anything on Windows.

Start downloading Vagrant and VirtualBox:

Install VirtualBox and Vagrant using the default options.

After reboot, create a folder where you will host all your projects.

I already have one, where is everything. Even if I format the Windows, that folder is intact and is just reinstall everything and resume the work where I stopped.

Open a command window and go to the folder where your projects will be. Write this command:

vagrant init

Edit the file called Vagrantfile without any extension.

Edit this line inside the file: = "base"

change it to: = "jadesystems/rails5"

Save the file.

We will use a ready vagrant image from here:

On the command write this command:

vagrant up

And wait, it will download the files necessary.


Now follow the instructions on the github page from the vagrant image:

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