Updating Intel Edison’s Nodejs to 0.12.7

After trying alot of things, nothing worked. Using NVM doesnt work. But here is the solution:

vi /etc/opkg/base-feeds.conf

The file will be empty. Put this on the file and save:

src/gz all http://repo.opkg.net/edison/repo/all
src/gz edison http://repo.opkg.net/edison/repo/edison
src/gz core2-32 http://repo.opkg.net/edison/repo/core2-32

Now follow this commands:

opkg update
opkg install nodejs

After all the work, that is very fast, you will get this:

root@edison:~# node -v                                                                                                          

Now, let's see if the segmentation faults will stop. 🙂

Here is the source: http://alextgalileo.altervista.org/edison-package-repo-configuration-instructions.html

And here is the packages that you can get there: http://repo.opkg.net/edison/repo/core2-32/


  1. For me, this seems to update to 12.14 not 12.7, has anybody else experienced this? Also, the only files I see on the remote repository are for 12.14. Is there anyway to install 12.7 and not 12.14?

      1. Intel Documentation is terrible. I stopped working in Edison after alot of problems by the lack of documentation. Intel Edison is for you just use like a basic user, if you need to work with it’s hardware you’re doomed. It’s a blame, I spent alot of money purchasing it to discover that is useless for anything more “root” than their examples.

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