My NodeMCU are sending data using MQTT to the broker. Then this flow get the topic and the data and save on InfluxDB using its HTTP API.


In function we have this code:

var tokens = msg.topic.split("/");
var dest = tokens[tokens.length-1];
msg.url ="http://localhost:8086/write?db=greenhouse";
msg.payload = tokens[2] + ",device=" + tokens[1] + " value=" + msg.payload;
return msg;

Here is a graphics sample:


Seems that the Texas SNB9024 is the man when we need an RTC. I will try to reach it using the Quark.
3.5 Power management IC (PMIC)

4.13 V_VBAT_BKUP have some instructions about the register to configure the VBAT charging.


Today (23/02/16) I'm giving up from using Intel Edison's MCU for the prototype. I will start using Arduino to make the sensors work. When it get ready, I will see if Intel will have publicated more documentation ou if I need to abandon the internal MCU.

I posted a question on Edison's Forums but until now, nothing helped me.